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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, smaller Easy-up (Pop-up) tents can be assembled and disassembled easily by anybody and they’re easy to transport. Larger modular tents however require a team of specially trained personnel thus these are always assembled only by us.

For the most part, tents get anchored with earthnails into the ground. When a tent has to be placed on aslphalt or concrete, we drill appropriate holes for earthnails which we fill up during disassembly. Also concrete ballasts are used when drilling is not an option. However, transportation for ballasts is an additional expense. Earthnail length is usually 60cm to 1m.



In case of a party tent, it is possible to order 2 types of floors.

Option 1, plastic floor is an affordable and easy way to cover grass, asphalt or soil surface. The plastic floor prevents tables and chairs from sinking into the ground or footwear from getting dirty on the lawn or ground. It also protects the floor in case of rainy weather, so that the bottom of the tent does not flood immediately. However, it can be used only on even ground surface. The advantage of the floor is a favorable price and fast installation.

The 2nd option is to order a plywood floor. In the case of plywood, a hard floor is built that is leveled. If your yard has uneven ground or a  slope, a plywood floor is the best option. In case of larger slopes or unevenness, the floor is built on the base of scaffolding and plywood boards. The tiles are waterproof and anti-slippery material. The color is brown. The advantage of the product is a level and straight floor, regardless of the ground, but requires more time-consuming work.

No, due to warehouse being closed during the weekend, we charge only for 1 day of rent.

No, we do not, we prefer to leave that work to be done by specialists and we’ll gladly suggest our trustworthy partners!