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Our services


We perform installation/assembly and disassembly services for all the inventory and tents we offer. However, modular tents and more complex solutions can only be ordered with the installation by our team. It should definitely be taken into account that the order should be placed at least a week or two prior to the event, if possible, to allow more time for planning larger projects, this way we can ensure meeting all deadlines on time. Of course, we do our best to respond to unexpected and urgent orders.

The question is often asked, what does the installation of furniture actually mean? The content of this work is not always the assembly of furniture from small parts, although it also happens. For example, the installation of chairs means that the chairs placed in the towers are brought into the room and put in their place one by one according to the drawing.


Any of our rental equipment can be ordered with transportation services, however it is wise to pick up some items if ordered quantity is rather small, straight from our warehouse on your own as it would cost less.

You have not organized an event previously, for example with a party tent or any other services we offer and you don’t know exactly what and how much would be needed? No worries, write us a letter! Describe in detail your needs, wishes and possibilities, what kind of event it is going to be and what one or the other solution could be – we will give advice, calculate together, if necessary, draw, measure and prepare a project that would be a suitable solution for your event!