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How to place an order.

Have you never before organised any event in a tent? We’ll try to help you out and give some tips on where to start!

If you plan to hold an event in a tent, you must first determine the size of the tent required. Let us know the expected number of guests and the concept of the event – will there be an standup event or, for example, dining behind roundtables?

Do you prefer a large U-shaped or L-shaped table? Maybe a casual lounge, a sofa and a beanbag chair! If a performer has been booked and a dance night is planned, we will add a stage and a dance floor to the whole plan. Catering generally states quite precisely the necessary quantities of buffet tables, and the performer usually has definite wishes about the size of the stage.

Event will be held indoors and you are just looking for furniture or other inventory but don’t know exactly what to look for or how much you might need one or the other? Write as much detail as possible about it and send us a letter, we will do our best to find suitable solution for your event!

The order can be placed in several ways. Select the desired products from the website, add them to the shopping cart and click the “send inquiry!” Button!

Of course, it is possible to order simply as a free-form letter by e-mail ( or by calling +372 55 20616; +372 5382 5905; +372 530 86180